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Member Update – from Club Captain Phil Barlow
A message from HGC Chairman Phil Badger
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Subscriptions 2021/22 & Resignations
Driving Range Grassed Area Closed Next Week
Midweek Men Results - from Peter Larkin
Midweek Women update - from Robyn Campbell
Dear Guest, Friday, 30 July, 2021

Member Update – from Club Captain Phil Barlow

We have definitely been lucky with the weather lately with another pretty good golf day last Saturday. This was reflected with some pretty good scoring by many as below in the results list. First up some apologies from me for a couple of things from last week, not a good start. Firstly, misspelling Steph’s surname last week in Woodlands Word, and secondly giving the wrong results for the ladies in the same results list. The actual results for the previous week were as follows for the ladies stableford.

         1. Steph Withell 35pts

         2. Jo McNicholl 34 pts

         3. Debbie Scott 34 pts

My second apology is to the men who had diligently written their names down on the Club Champs qualifying lists we circulated at the club after the shotgun start was completed. These were inadvertently left in the club overnight and were then thrown away the next morning by the cleaners. If you had written your name down on one of the 3 pieces of paper in the clubrooms after the shotgun start on Saturday 17 July and were not about after last weekend’s round to write it down on the new sheets that were circulated, please contact the Pro Shop as a check, and re-enter if you are not recorded in the main list. If you have any doubts at all as to whether you may have been missed, please contact the Pro Shop and they can check the master list.

OK, with that done, we had the ladies playing Bisque Par last Saturday, the men playing Par, and the men’s finals for Blank, Captains, Harewood and Presidents match play (BCHP). For a full results list, please see the board outside the Pro Shop.

The top 3 ladies’ results were:

         1. Catherine Butts +6

         2. Susan Lovett +4

        Ann Ott +4

        Ann Beckingsale +4

The top 3 men’s results were:

Division 1

         1. Michel Cupido +5

         2. Sam Watkinson +3

         3. Harry Weeds +3

Division 2

         1. Cook He +3

         2. Alan Cowie +2

         3. David Wilson +1

The BCHP match play final was also undertaken with the following results. The winner of each grade is the name on the left below in bold and as you can see, they were all pretty close matches.

Blank:                   Scott Manyweathers vs Doug Claridge 1 up

Captains:              Peter Chadwick vs Ming Peng 2 up

Harewood:           Harvey Teulon vs Alan Double 2/1

Presidents:           Peter Larkin vs Ted Zhang 2/1

My last notes on what has ended up being a long insert today are not so positive. We had a member hit very hard by a stray ball last Saturday resulting in an A & E visit to check for a fracture. It is very important if you are a bit stray with any shots that look like they may be heading towards another player that you yell FORE! This at least gives them the opportunity to protect themselves behind a tree or bag or cover their head and duck. Nobody expects perfect shots from others but do expect to be warned of potentially being hit.

The second one is something that Doug has pointed out consistently. After what appeared to be a good week last week, this week there were a few out on the course without sand buckets and not repairing divots. Please feel empowered to say something to the offenders and if you have plenty of sand buckets in your group, maybe offer them one as a hint as to what they should be doing.

This coming Saturday is FMS for the ladies and Monthly Medal for the men. This will be off Black, Blue and White tees again, so promises to be testing with heavier winter conditions.

Enjoy your golf.

A message from HGC Chairman Phil Badger

Thanks to those that attended the AGM on July 15th. We had our first Board meeting this week and spent some time discussing the key things we wanted to achieve over the next couple of years. We will be giving opportunity for member input as we go through the process of setting club development priorities.

As well as welcoming Lorraine Bamford as the new Board member the Board has also confirmed the secondment of Matt O’Carroll to the Board. Matt has been a long-time member since junior days and brings both a financial and a good member perspective. Note, he also helps to lower the average age!

As a seconded Board member Matt will be a full Board member and will stand next year at the AGM.

Catering Update

Members are advised that Tasteful Affairs, our caterers for the past 3+ years will be ending their bar and catering services provision on or before 20 October 2021. This includes the cleaning services they have provided the Club over the past 2+ years.

I would like to personally thank Sheree, Kostas and their team for their support during their tenure here.

Discussions are ongoing with new providers of bar and catering services, and we will be tendering for cleaning services shortly.

Subscriptions 2021/22 & Resignations

The new subscription levels were announced at the AGM and are attached. There was a nominal increase of approximately 1.6% with one or two other membership classes being adjusted more or less than that to bring into line with other classes, particularly age group.

If you wish to resign at 31 August or want to change your class of membership, please advise via email to Members are reminded that the onus is on you to advise if you do not wish to renew your membership as all memberships are automatically renewed unless we are advised otherwise – your membership, and your responsibility to pay for it, continues until we are advised to the contrary!

Could members that are paying by instalment also ensure their payments are up to date and that the full sub will be paid on or before August 31st. We will be contacting all delinquent payers in the coming weeks so please make this job less time consuming for us by bringing payments up to date.

Any questions please contact Neville or Martin the office – 359 8843 option 3. Many thanks.

Driving Range Grassed Area Closed Next Week

Members are advised that the course team need to undertake some sanding and re-levelling work on the grass range area in preparation for Spring.

This will be from Monday August 2nd until the following Monday 9th.
Please use the undercover bays for the week.

Midweek Men Results - from Peter Larkin

Monday 26 July - Bisque Par White Tees

A hardy 20 golfers turned up for competition and although no rain arrived, there was a very ‘stiff’ northerly. Well done all.

Division 1: Reeves Nesbitt +3 CB

(Qiang) He Cook +3 CB

Jin Kim +3

Division 2: John Gilmore +7

Darryl Dowthwaite +6 CB

Simon Hubble +6

A great turnout with 32 golfers for Thursday’s round in very pleasant mostly sunny conditions. The course was in a much-improved condition post Saturday’s round having dried out a bit.

Thursday 29 July - Nett Combined Pairs Yellow Tees

1st: Darryl Dowthwaite/ Reeves Nesbitt 142

2nd: Alastair Christie/Peter Larkin 145

3rd Alf Hewitt/Cyril White 146 CB

4th: Kevin Pritchard/Allan McAuliffe 146

Midweek Women update - from Robyn Campbell

Tuesday cancelled due to weather

9 Hole Women:


1st Jenny Treleaven 16pts

2nd Pat Murray 15pts

Nearest the pin in 2: Jenny Treleaven

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