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COVID-19 Update from the GM
Member Update – from Club Captain Phil Barlow
New Carts Are Here…And So Are New Hire Rates
Subscriptions 2021/22
Midweek Men Results - from Peter Larkin
Dear Guest, Friday, 10 September, 2021

COVID-19 Update from the GM

As a write we are in day 3 of the relative normality of Level 2 and it’s great to see members out playing and be able to trade again. We have only just this morning received confirmation from Golf NZ of the new Delta Level 2 guidance from the Government so luckily there’s not much change from what we have been doing!

The full guidelines are attached.

As previously outlined, the main changes from previous L2 rules relate to;

  • All staff, players, visitors to the Club must register when on site for contact    tracing purposes. There are numerous QR codes across our facilities as well as a manual register in the Foyer for those without smartphones or the Govt app. You can also register using the DotGolf app.
  • Indoor staff/contractors (pro shop, office and bar/catering) must wear a mask
  • Masks should be worn by all before entering the pro shop (a retail environment)
  • Masks do not need to be worn by members/visitors in the Clubhouse if there for the purposes of eating and drinking
  • There is a 50-person limit at any one time in the Clubhouse, but we can have  100 people on the patio! We do not envisage this being an issue on a normal  Saturday field given the spread of tee- times but we will manage this as and    when necessary. See point 6 of the attachment for the full explanation, which  could only have been thought up by politicians!!! It gets better…
  • Physical distancing of 2m should be maintained on the golf course and      throughout all Club facilities, including those lucky 50 seated in the Clubhouse.
  • Clubhouse seating has been modified so please don’t push tables together.

Let’s just hope a shift down a level (or 2) for AKL next week means we can also go to L1 in the South.


Member Update – from Club Captain Phil Barlow

Men’s Club Champs

The delayed men’s club champs qualifying round 3 will be played this Saturday. If you haven’t booked in, please do as soon as possible or you will miss out. The first round of Match play will be on Sat 18 September and will continue weekly until the final set for Sat 9 October at this stage. Note that there will be Plate rounds for all grades this year as well. As mentioned last week, apologies if you are unable to make the Club Champs dates in what will be a revised schedule, but we are doing the best we can to fit into the uncertain reduced timeframe we have.

Women’s Club Champs

The women will only be having one round of qualifying for Club Champs now with the weekend qualifying taking place this Sat 11 September, and mid-week qualifying on Tues 14 September. Match play will start on Sat 18 September and the women’s finals will also be played on Sat 9 October.

General Programme update

We will email out a revised 2021 programme once we have it completed and will also post it up in the Pro Shop window (now attached).

Placing, Flags and other information

This weekend at Level 2 will see flags back in the holes with noodles at the bottom to hold the ball from falling in too far. Please do not touch/remove flags at any stage of your round. Rakes will be back in use in bunkers and toilets open also, but ball washers and water fountains won’t be.

Placing will be reverting back to 15cm (6 inches) on fairways. Please check with your playing partners if the line between fairway and rough is hard to see. Check the scorecard for local rules.

Please also remember to fill your divots and any others you walk past, and fix all of the pitch marks you see on greens. It doesn’t just have to be your own that you repair.

Pro Tip by Craig Mitchell

Good course management can save you lots of shots

If you’re in the rough or under the trees, take a club that will only reach the front of the green and even if it doesn’t bounce up it’s much easier chipping up hill. This is one course where over the green is dead.

Lastly – do enjoy your golf and remember we are in a privileged position that our sport can start up again so early, so please follow all of the Level 2 rules in place.

New Carts Are Here…And So Are New Hire Rates

Our 10 new golf carts arrived a little earlier than planned with the current fleet not being due for lease renewal until October.

Obviously, the new lease cost reflects these are new carts so we have reviewed our pricing (and that of other Clubs) and from Saturday 11th the following prices will come into effect:


  •     $15 for 9 holes and $25 for 18


  •     $25 for 9 holes and $45 for 18

Subscriptions 2021/22

All invoices should have been received via email or post for the upcoming year to 31 August 2022.

If you are paying by monthly instalment, can you please check your payments will cover the full sub and amend with your Bank where necessary.
Any questions please contact Neville or Martin the office – 359 8843 option 3 or

Many thanks.

Midweek Men Results - from Peter Larkin

Thursday 9 Aug - Par

35 golfers enjoyed a return to golf albeit with a few restrictions, not just the windy conditions! The golf course has benefitted from a few weeks of not being used.

White Tees.

Division 1:

John McRae 4

Alan Dickson 3

Peter Larkin 0

Division 2:

George Grieve 8

Reeves Nesbitt 1

Dennis Longdon 0

Division 3:

John Hooper 4

Robert Gay 2

Tony Ralfe 1

Yellow Tees.

1st. Max Wright 2

2nd. Bruce Robertson 1

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